Traditional cookery

The traditional cookery of Sant Mateu, based on regional produce in the Maestrazgo and gastronomic tradition of our ancestors, surprise us with regional produce such as olive oil, wine, mushrooms, nuts and the typical olives trencades (broken olives), without forgetting the tasty guitarretes (traditional bread) of our bakeries.

Our gastronomy delights in starters like cheese, smoked meat, sausages, etc.

First or second courses, such as olleta of Sant Mateu (a typical Valencian soup or stew) , oven-baked rice, cod rice, tombet (potatoes, peppers and auberginesstew with tomato sauce), roast lamb, roast suckling lamb, paella and grilled meat will delight us.

Finally, confectionery such as braç de gitano (sponge cake roll), Saint Josephs fritters, coca mal feta (Valencian biscuit/sponge cake), prims (falta traducció), primetes, rotllets d’anís (anisette rolls) and the traditional pastissets (pumpkin jam or sweet potato little cakes).