Main Square – Fountain of the Angel

Seven streets converge at this urban point which measures 30 by 40 metres. It is surrounded by an arcade formed by ashlar columns, some of which are cube-shaped and others cylindrical. It was designed in the 13th century to be the venue for the weekly market and, since then, it has been considered the nerve centre of the town’s social life. In it, we can contemplate the Fountain of the Angel, which is situated on the right upper side.

The fountain is octagonal and has an iron gate and a circular basin. In the centre, a column supports the basin, which consists of two hollow hemispheres with outer mouldings, all of them made of stone. The four spouts which bring the water to the basin have shape of animal heads. A bronze statue of an angel crowns the stone sphere.

The fountain is mentioned as far back as in 1373 and, therefore, it dates from the same period as the square. However, its current composition is later on and dates from the sixteenth and the beginning of the seventeenth centuries. As regards the angel, it is mentioned as far back as in the eighteenth century.