PR-CV 214 Ruta Racó del Frare.

Start – End: Info Panel l’Assegador dels Plans
Distance: 7.1 Km
Estimated time: 2 h
Base elevation/Lowest point: 466 m
Top elevation/Highest point: 722 m
Cumulative elevation gain: 318 m
Cumulative elevation loss: 318 m

It is a circular route which starts and ends up in the info panel located near the Plans – Racó del Frare signpost. It runs through the interior and surroundings of the Racó del Frare Natural Reserve, in the area of Barranc de la Ratlla and Roca dels Ermitanys. It stands out for its landscape and environmental value.

To access to its starting point we have to take the car in the direction of Tírig and when we arrive at the second Natural Reserve sign (3 Km from Sant Mateu) turn right and continue 2.5 Km more until the info panel where we can park the car. This is the starting point.