PR-CV 202

Start: Nrta. Sra. dels Àngels Avenue
End: Nrta. Sra. dels Àngels Avenue
Distance: 14.800 m
Estimated time: 4 h

Base elevation/Lowest point: 296 m
Top elevation/Highest point: 572 m
Cumulative elevation gain: 447 m
Cumulative elevation loss: 447 m

It is a circular route that starts on the road to the Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Angels from the end of the street with the same name. It runs through the East side of the municipal area. It is a middle-distance route without too much difficulty and a lot of attractive elements which allows us to enjoy, first of all, the beauty of Saint Christopher’s Hermitage and the impressive Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Angels and, secondly, in the first six kilometres until the top of Bastida mountain, excellent panoramic views across the inland areas and coast of the Maestrazgo region.