Les Llàstimes Bell Tower(18th century)

Location: Plaza de la Pietat (La Piedad Square).

It is a four-part tower with a square floor, three made of masonry and the last one of ashlar with a balustrade and octagonal shape by way of lantern, where it is possible to see an emblem of the Order of Montesa and an inscription of its founding year, 1737.

It is the only preserved trace of the old Convent of St. Dominic. The convent was founded in 1360 and stood out for its pointed arch cloister and church. Some parts of the foundations of these rooms have been rediscovered after several excavations.

The Convent of St. Dominic, because of its situation outside the town, in front of the Order of Montesa Palace, suffered a great damage during the Peninsular War and the First Carlist War. It was expropriated in 1840.