Museum Collection of Historic Monument Models in the Valencian Community

On the ground floor of the Abbey House, annexed to Archpriestal Church – Tel.: 964 416 658

It is included in the guided tour around the Archpriestal Church.

During the last years, the Conselleria de Cultura i Esport de la Generalitat Valenciana have carried out a considerable set of historic monument models in the Valencian Community on the occasion of several expositions and events.

The fact that we have got together these models in the same collection responds to an educational goal, due to the huge effort which constitutes to carry out these researches and the artistic value that these models represent.
The Abbey House of Sant Mateu is one of the great exhibitions of the Mediterranean Gothic as well as it keeps examples of architecture of different periods. This exposition completes the historic and artistic guided tour around the Archpriestal Church.

The carrying out of building models is as old (and as modern) as their construction. The architectural models serve to show the result to scale of the building, or a part of it, and the different building systems.
The displayed models in the Abbey House are historic monuments in the Valencia region. Their function is experimental and educational.

They are result of theories about the structural processes to build them. Likewise, they show the auxiliary means and, moreover, the ingenuities and innovations used. These models have been made after a deep study of the building methods in those periods.