Festivals, Traditions and Events

The character and interests of Sant Mateu can be reflected in its festivities and traditions. Tradition and history are the base of the towns festivities from time immemorial.

If we look over the calendar, we start the year with the Saint Anthony festivity (celebrated the nearest weekend to 17th January). The next date to point out is the Easter, which is when it is celebrated the procession of the Vergues on Maundy Thursday and the Exhibition of Art, Crafts and Local Produce.

The second Saturday after the Easter Sunday comes one of the most important festivities in the town, the festivity of Our Lady of the Angels with its traditional pilgrimage which brings together all the inhabitants of the town.

The second weekend of July takes place the Sant Mateus Medieval Fair, in which the town goes back to in time until the Middle Ages. In August, from 18th to 28th, are held the local holidays with a lof of activities among which we underline the bous al carrer (bulls in the streets), open-air dances and the Ball Pla (a traditional dance). After these local holidays, we celebrate the festivity of Sant Mateu to honour our patron.