For the pastry:

1 cup of brandy

1 cup of sugar

2 cups of olive oil

700 g of flour approximately

Pumpkin jam or sweet potato

Mix the olive oil, brandy and sugar and meanwhile add the flour until the pastry doesn’t stick to your fingers.

Take a bit of pastry/dough, make a small ball, spread it out like a circle, add the stuffing (pumpkin jam or sweet potato) and close it like a half-moon. Close the edges like a cord with your fingers.

Put sugar on a plate, slip on it a half of the pastisset and put them on a baking tray smeared with olive oil. Put them into the oven with the sugar part face up.

Source: La cuina de Sant Mateu. Maestrat, ahir, avui i sempre. Àngels Font i Bel