Borrull Palace (15th century)

Location:   Historiador Betí Street, 10.

Opening times:

It is possible to visit the ground floor of the building from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. (illustrative timetable) during office hours.




Borrul Palace and the Town Hall make up one of most important wholes referring to Valencian civil Gothic. It has a wide ashlar façade and trefoil windows which open wide light hollows in the function suite. A line of ashlars marks the windowsills and the voussoired front door is located in the centre of the building.

Borrull Palace was the residence of the advisor of Order of Montesa’s deputy, Don Sans, in the 17th century. After being purchased by Vilanova family, it was inherited by. It was used as criminal court of the Sant Mateu, Borrull family Albocacer, Morella and Vinaros judicial areas. That fact determines its popular name, l’Audiència.