Guided tours of the collection of historical monuments / old town / historical centre

1:30 a 2:00 h
Price: 2 €.
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Tel.: 964 416 658 –

Guided tour of the Archpriestal Church: church, Parish Museum Collection of
Silversmithing and Museum Collection of Historical Monument Models in the
Valencian Community.
Guided tour of St. Peter’s Church.
Historical centre..
Places of interest of the historical centre:Borrull Palace, Cort Nova
Palace (Town Hall), Jewish Alleyway, Main Square and Fountain of the
Angel, Palace of the Marquis of Villores, Convent of the Augustinian Nuns
and Town Walls.

*NOTE: The tour of the Archpriestal Church can be conditioned by the
celebration of extraordinary religious services out of the standard timetable
of masses in the church.